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Cricket in America: History & Present

“I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God created on Earth,” the English playwright Harold Pinter once said. However, the American seem to differ today.

With inhabitants coming from England, cricket was once the most popular sport in the US. Things changed soon after as the country started to build its own culture and ethos. Gradually, cricket was forgotten in favour of Baseball, American Football etc. In present Amercia, the most popular sports are basketball, soccer, and rugby. Cricket, which is hugely popular in England and parts of Asia, has a rather small following in the US.

As of today, it's easier to find a locksmith in San Diego rather than find people playing cricket. You also have a better chance of getting mugged in Amercia than finding people playing cricket. Nonetheless, the sports enthusiasts are hopeful of bringing cricket back to America.
History of Cricket in America Cricket was played by British colonists in North America by the start of …

Cricket World Cup: What & Info

In the world of cricket, one of the most popular sports in South-Asia and England, an international sports tournament is organized every four (4) years. All cricket fans follow this world cricket sporting event called World Cup (of Cricket).

The Cricket World Cup is an international cricket championship of One Day International (ODI) cricket. This sporting tournament is organized by International Cricket Council (ICC), the global governing body of cricketing sports. The ICC currently has 14 countries as its members.

Interestingly, the national bodies of cricketing are independent organizations (like any private company or corporation) and do not officially represent the country. The cricket tournament is, thus, not a true international game between the nations. It's rather a sporting event between the national bodies that are governed by the ICC.

When was the first Cricket World Cup organized?? The first Cricket World Cup was organized in England in June 1975. The Cricket World Cup tournament started four years after the first ODI cricket match was played.

Interestingly, the Women's Cricket World Cup started 2 years before the Cricket World Cup.

Every four years, the Cricket World Cup starts with a series of one-day cricket games between the participating countries' cricket governing bodies. Each country's cricket governing council selects and sends a team for the cricket world cup event.

In general, the cricket world cup is structured like the following:

* Preliminary qualification rounds
* Quater-finals between qualifying teams
* Semi-finals between qualifying teams
* Final game for the World Cup trophy

With a massive following in the Indian sub-continent,  the cricket world cup tournament is one of the world's most viewed sporting events. It is the main event of the international cricket.

The World Cup of Cricket is not the only international cricket tournament with multiple participating nations. The first-ever cricket tournament with three nations was held in 1912, a series of Test matches between Australia, England and South Africa.
As England is the origin country of cricket, with the ICC also being located here, the first three Cricket World Cups were organized in the UK. It was only from the 1987 Cricket World Cup that the tournament started to be hosted across the participating countries. There is no set pattern for deciding the host country for Cricket World Cup, but it is based on an unofficial rotation between the nations. The decision on the venue country is taken based on representations and council decisions.

In the last Cricket World Cup 2015, 14 teams competed in the tournament. The next cricket World Cup is scheduled for 2019.

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